Firefighter Safety and Deployment of Resources Multiphase Study on Firefighter Safety
Many departments across the nation are being challenged by budget crises, rising call volume, personnel and equipment shortages,security issues and the overall expectation to do more with less. These and other factors, all too often, have our responding crews encountering increasing line of duty risk of injury and death as they continue to work to reduce civilian injury and property loss. Even with the technological advances of the last decades, we have not yet been able to scientifically quantify our experiences to determine what staffing levels, asset configurations and response time frames are best when responding to various levels of fire or EMS events so that we minimize risk to the firefighters, paramedics and the public. We believe the time has come to change that.  Multiphase Study
Fire Service's Core Values
Protect lives, property, and the environment through preparedness, prevention, public education and emergency response with an emphasis on quality services, efficiency, effectiveness and safety.