Media Coverage

“This project represents the most thorough, professional, and science-based study ever completed regarding the impact of staffing and response times on service delivery and firefighter safety. It will benefit local decision makers tremendously as they work to determine and provide the resources necessary to adequately protect their communities from fire and other life safety emergencies. The final product is the result of significant effort on the part of the entire research team, and it has been a professional privilege to be part of it.”

Dennis Compton
Chairman, National Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Past Chairman, International Fire Service Training Association
Chief, Mesa, (Ariz.) Fire Department, Retired

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The overall goal of the Multiphase Study on Firefighter Safety and the Deployment of Resources is to reduce firefighter injury and death by making better decisions about resource deployment in a risk filled environment. In an effort to assure that all results and conclusions related to the study are being disseminated to fire service leaders and local decision makers, the study is being followed by varied media. Below are links for printed and web-based articles, news clips, and other coverage about the study.